Sunday, May 11, 2008

Walkabout ...1/4

The other day I decided to visit the Heritage Village in Dubai where they have a model Arabic Village .

To get there I took the 'waterbus' an air conditioned ferry . There are all the modern modes of transportation available like taxis, buses and of course your own private car!! But as of old the creek has been always used for commuting . This would be done by a boat called the
'abra' that took one to the other side . These abras or boats are still in use alongside the modern means.

When I got off the ferry I walked through a market called the "souq" meaning bazar , which has been specially given an old worldly look with shops selling curios . I particularly liked the celing .

I walked across to the Heritage Village which is a scaled down version of a traditional Arabic village as one would have found a few decades ago .

Photo Hunt : 10 May 2008 : Share a picture .

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Indrani said...

What an awesome place.:) Lucky you.

keith hillman said...

I really enjoyed your series of pictures - thank you for mentioning them to me when you visited my site.

I will be visiting my family in Dubai during October. I must put this village on my itinerary

shubd said...

Thanks indrani and keith .

Yes it is a lovely place to be in. Such a fusion of the new and the old !

-TNChick- said...


I have been on a ferry once... it was years and years ago in Texas... and was one of those large ones that transport you and your vehicle.