Monday, May 5, 2008

The Original

This is the original picture of flowers in a glass vase . The following two pictures are also the same picture with two different effects used on it.
I find it a great way to use my own pictures to send as greetings etc.

WW Monday Edition 05 May 2008 .


Anonymous said...

The original is nice the other 2 is unique in it's own way. Creative PP :)

p/s: The pigeon was on a pare-pat outside my window. I zoomed in a bit for that shot :)

Gabriel said...

Nice pictures. I should start to play with mine as well, I just post them 'as is'

Have a great day!

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Indrani said...

Nothing can beat the original of course!

Mayur said...

The original picture is so impression of a painting by some great period artist..

shubd said...

@napaboniya , gabriel,indrani, mayur

Thanks for your comments.
I like to tinker around a bit with the pics .
But by and large I think if you manage to capture a good pic that is the best ! :)