Saturday, May 17, 2008


Candy with Arabic flavors ! The white ones in the left corner bottom row are nougats, the local favorites , made from milk and pistachio nuts and flavored with rose water.
Do enlarge to see the "sheesha" (hubble bubble) in the right corner . It is used to smoke tobacco through a vapors of steam.

The all time favorites ..lollipops !!

These a made from fruit pulp peaches , apricots plums.

Now these ..though technically not candy per se ..but they are a local sweet so I thought I would put it up . A little like profiteroles .. yeast is added to make a batter of which little balls are deep fried and then dunked in a light syrup of honey and saffron.

Taken at Dubai on 12 May 2008.

Photo Hunt Theme : Candy.


Anonymous said...

Everybody shows a LOT of candy - I found one.... Nice pictures :D

Lori V. said...

All those colors make me smile! :-)

The sweet fried thingies sound interesting, too.

My candy photo is up... candy sprinkles on a most unusual doughnut! Come visit!

Have a great weekend.

Alice Audrey said...

I feel so exotic. Thank you. Mine's more mundane:

Melli said...

Nougats!!! I was LOOKING for them for MY candy post! I couldn't find any... *shakes head sadly*... I guess we can only get them at Christmas time around here. THEY are my favorite childhood memory candy! And I think I probably still love them! Thank you for sharing these!

Sammawow said...

Nice shots and all of the candy looks delicious!

jams o donnell said...

Ooh so much yummy sweet stuff, so little time! Happy weekend

the teach said...

Shubd, I've seen your name around on all the blogs I'm commenting at so I thought I'd say "Hi" All that candy looks yummy! :D

Anonymous said...

That's a cool lot of candies!! I hope you just took pictures of them and not put them all into your mouth :P *lol*

p/s: Was sick yesterday, feeling better already. Thanks!! :)

Indrani said...

Now these are very tempting...
You have a good control over your taste buds... not eating them while clicking them. :)

The Urban Buddha said...

Mmm.. me likes sweets.. and nougat made from rose water and nuts sound real interesting. Did you try them??
Happy WW! :)

shubd said...

Thanks all for stopping by .

The Arabic fried sweet that at the bottom of the post is called "lagaimaat" ... yeah ..I know it is a mouthful ! But then so is the sweet ! :)

Yes I have tasted most of the sweets in there .. they are all nice . But luckily for me I dont have much of a sweet tooth so could well refrain from eating them well taking the pictures.

Of them all , if I did have to pick it would be the nougats. The milk and pistachios with the delicate flavor of rosewater makes them very enticing. :)