Monday, May 19, 2008


Do enlarge for a better view .

WW Tuesday Edition : 20 May 2008


Anonymous said...

Carpets from Dubai?
They're everywhere in Dubai right?

You're home already?Glad you can finally view the pictures :P

shubd said...

Hi Elaine ( napaboniya)

Though carpets are not made in Dubai, it is a very large trading centre for them and you can find carpets from all the carpet weaving countries of the world like Turkey, Afghanistan , Iran , Iraq, China India and many others.

ellen b said...

I'd like a couple of those! :0)
nice angle...

the teach said...

shubd, those carpets are beauties! I have carpets like that on my living room and dining room floors but they are not the real thing! :D

Indrani said...

So did you get any? Nice shot of the carpets, very colorful.

shubd said...

@ellen b
Thanks . I am sure we all would love a carpet ! :)

@the teach
I once told somebody anything you can see and touch is real !!;)

I was on my walk so no buying !! :P