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I saw a little bird ...

Came across this little forager on my walk . Sorry I don't know the species . Can anyone help out with that ?

Camera Critters /WW Edition : 25 May 2008

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Candy with Arabic flavors ! The white ones in the left corner bottom row are nougats, the local favorites , made from milk and pistachio nuts and flavored with rose water.
Do enlarge to see the "sheesha" (hubble bubble) in the right corner . It is used to smoke tobacco through a vapors of steam.

The all time favorites ..lollipops !!

These a made from fruit pulp peaches , apricots plums.

Now these ..though technically not candy per se ..but they are a local sweet so I thought I would put it up . A little like profiteroles .. yeast is added to make a batter of which little balls are deep fried and then dunked in a light syrup of honey and saffron.

Taken at Dubai on 12 May 2008.

Photo Hunt Theme : Candy.

Around the house.

Do enlarge to look at the picture in the frame .

WW Saturday Edition : 17 May 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunset .

I took the two pictures with an interval of about 10 mins. while crossing the Dubai creek .
It is my second time around for the Skywatch Friday .

Skywatch and WW Edition : 16 May 2008.

As per Abraham Lincoln's comment that the two photos would be better viewed individually I shall post both of them .And 10 minutes later..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dress of Gold ( 22 ct.) !!!

Yes .... it is 22 ct. gold without doubt !!! Both the skirt and the top... with pearl embellishments.
Dubai Gold Souq .
14 May 2008

WW Thursday Edition :15 May 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cycladic Man.....roughly 4500 years old!

I apologise for the hazy quality of the picture , but due to the age of the artifact, this particular section of the museum has very dim lights and using of the flash is not allowed .

Do enlarge for a better look .

Taken at:
National Museum Athens./ 13 June 2007.

WW Edition :14 May 2008.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Afghani Woman's Dress (embroidered by hand).

P.S. Do enlarge for a better view.

WW Edition 12 May 2008.

Lady Bird !

On one of my walks I came across this pigeon and was most fascinated by the symmetry in her tail !! It was so beautiful with an alternate feather in black and white .

What was amusing was as I tried to get as close as possible for a shot , the male flew up and sat in between us in a protective stance !!

Do enlarge for the best view of her tail .

For Camera Critters : Sunday 11 May 2008 .

Walkabout ...1/4

The other day I decided to visit the Heritage Village in Dubai where they have a model Arabic Village .

To get there I took the 'waterbus' an air conditioned ferry . There are all the modern modes of transportation available like taxis, buses and of course your own private car!! But as of old the creek has been always used for commuting . This would be done by a boat called the
'abra' that took one to the other side . These abras or boats are still in use alongside the modern means.

When I got off the ferry I walked through a market called the "souq" meaning bazar , which has been specially given an old worldly look with shops selling curios . I particularly liked the celing .

I walked across to the Heritage Village which is a scaled down version of a traditional Arabic village as one would have found a few decades ago .

Photo Hunt : 10 May 2008 : Share a picture .

WW Sunday Edition

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walkabout ...2/4

At the entrance of the Heritage Village , in the shade of a tree sits an old fashioned wooden trunk with brass embellishments called "sandook".

A Traditional fishing boat was on display.

It was almost dusk and a row of lanterns lit up the place . Though they are traditionally lit with wicks ,these ones had electric bulbs instead. But they looked pretty nevertheless.

The doors in the picture are of the kind one would find on the houses in the interior remote villages that still are fairly traditional in their architecture.

I walked on to a group of sheds that demonstrated traditional Arabic fare and decided to try out the savoury pancake called "khubooz (bread) ragag "

Photo Hunt : 10 May 2008 : Share a picture.
WW Sunday Edition

Walkabout ....3/4

At the Heritage Village were stalls demonstrating some traditional Arabic cooking. I bought a savoury pancake .

The lady used a fermented batter of white flour , eggs, salt and yeast which she spread with her bare hands !!

She then broke and spread a raw egg followed by a cube of cream cheese spread. Then she spread a paste of dried and salted fish.

A little sprinkle of olive oil and Voila !! the crispy pancake is ready to be eaten!!

Photo Hunt : 10 May 2008 : Share a picture.

Walkabout ...4/4

The Wind Towers are structures that are specially designed scientifically so that the wind ventilates every part of the house . This is a concept that has traveled down the ages. Though now of course all house are air conditioned due to the severe summer temperatures. The Wind Towers now are more for aesthetic value, where constructed.

A beautiful sunset lit the evening with an orange glow as I turned to go back home.

Walkabout 4/4

Photo Hunt :10 May 2008 : Share a picture.

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What is the present ...
But a beautifully wrapped today
To be savoured leisurely tomorrow .

WW Edition 08 May 2008

Fragile Dreams.

In a myriad colors
Glass glints and gleams
In recurring circles
Never ending it seems
In a million desires and wishes

WW 07 May 2008.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Original

This is the original picture of flowers in a glass vase . The following two pictures are also the same picture with two different effects used on it.
I find it a great way to use my own pictures to send as greetings etc.

WW Monday Edition 05 May 2008 .

Focal Color / B & W

A Framed picture .