Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Karde_ A Fishing Village

The morning sun glistens on the waves.

A Basket case !!

Tentacles !!!

New Year's eve.

The ones that didn't get away...

Feeling HOT HOT HOT .... red chillies drying out in the sun.

Hermit crabs make spiral patterns on the sands.

The Auction at the Fish Market.

A Fisherwoman in her distinctive garb.
A Cart ride on the beach.

The local beauties :)

We brought in 2009 on the beaches of Karde , a fishing village on the Konkan Coast of Western India. I have attempted to capture some of its very natural rustic beauty.
Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I loved taking them :)

HAPPY 2009 !!


Indrani said...

Such lovely shots!
It is a long time since I have been to beaches and I miss them even more now after seeing the shots. :)


lechua said...

hi shubd. splendid post with photos depicting the culture and lifestyle of the fishing village. hope to visit india one day!

Shubha said...

@ lechua

Thanks for looking them up .

I have no doubt whatsoever that you and your camera will have a field day absorbing India . Hope you visit soon .

InkTank said...

lovely snaps, all of them. wheres karde?