Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indian Wedding

Unlike a wedding ring , Indian Hindu brides wear a necklace of black beads strung in gold with little gold cups . This one also has beads of coral and pearls which are symbols of fertility and prosperity and good health . Here the necklace is being sanctified and blessed before the groom gets the bride to wear it .

Rice , betel nuts and fragrant jasmine flowers are used in the prayers.


4 Lettre Words said...

Really beautiful!

Happy WW!!

Indrani said...

I wish a Very Happy Married Life to the bride and the groom. :)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

very touching post

Daisy said...

Lovely photo! And congratulations on the wedding!

Why I love Wordless Wednesday (and more Jones Gap photos)

Rashmi said...

....beautiful picture!....made my heart smile!