Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sorry for not being Wordless .
But of the collage , the following :
Last row / Pic 2 : The daisy is from a bouquet I got for my birthday.
Last row/ Pic 3 : This I took on one of my walks .

The rest are from my garden over the last couple of weeks .

Now for the distressing part .
After I created the collage , I unthinkingly hit delete and deleted all the pictures from my folder !!! So I now only have this collage left as a reminder of my stupidity !!! :(

For Wordless Wednesday : 25 June 2008.


Baba said...

A beauty this collage!!
Looking at in detail you remain fascinated by the wonder of photos included in it.
A good work.

Snap Catch said...

wow!!!! Lovely catch for WW! Mine's up too hope you can visit at my corner... Happy WW!

Robin said...

Oh no, you deleted them all? What a shame. The collage is beautiful though, and so colorful.

Gallicissa said...

A perfect WW entry!

Indrani said...

I just clicked and enlarged it, it is soooo beautiful.

Di said...


mimi11460 said...

Beautiful collage lovely entry...see you in my blog...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The flowers from your garden are gorgeous, I would have thought botanical garden if I haven't read.
Have a great weekend my dear friend!

Allison Says said...

Beautiful photos! I love that you made a collage out of it. Wonderful WW post!

Happy Wordless :)

gautammd said...

Beautifill Collage , nicely picked & placed .